Cortec VpCI-M370 Water-Based Additive 5 Gal.

M-370 is a multimetal, corrosion preventive additive for water-based metalworking fluids, lubricants, cleaners and coatings during product manufacturing. This water-based additive utilizes VpCI technology for maximum protection.

Passes ASTM D-4627-86 (Test Method for Iron Chip Corrosion for Water-soluble Metalworking Fluids) at 2.0 percent by weight.

M-370 is also available in: M-370NS, a surfactant-free version, which helps in some detergent formulations; M-370HS, a high surfactant version for providing a source of a compatible surfactant with levels high enough to clean; and M-370C, which provides additional protection to cast parts and surfaces which are rough.

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